Awareness promotion for Medical College of Xiamen University in My Mother High School: the social practice by Vani and her classmates.

This vacation was really precious because it was carried out with my brother’s marriage, our cultural festival Onam and in between all these we tried our level best to make the vacation social practice a success. Thus I really felt this vacation was really short and quite good.

We went to our high school asking permission to conduct our summer social was really difficult to get a date, it was not because the Authorities was not permitting us but since it was our cultural festival and thus those holidays were about to start, not only this but it was exam weeks before the vacation.

As the school reopens on September 13th and as my return flight was on September 16th. I was really worried and disappointed, then we tried to get a date on 13th or 14th of September. Here comes the most thankful movement i.e. the school Authorities permitted us to conduct our summer social practice on the reopening day itself. It makes me happy and then we made all arrangements accordingly, i.e. we get ready with all the banners and things that we should carry with us to give the students. As my teammates are working citizens, I asked them to take leave on September 13th, then also prepared the video about our college on my laptop. Tragedy didn’t end there the day came, accompanied heavy rain. Any how we went to Xllth class to carry out our activity. Students were really fare and cooperative but because of rain some sort of electricity problem occurred and we were not able to use the smart class. Then we used our laptop for demonstrating everything. My teammates were along with me in the classroom taking photos and clearing doubts of students. There doubts were like how to find whether the website they are browsing is fake or not, for that we gave our telephone number.

so that we can give them the actual link so they proceed further without any doubt, the other thing were about the food and lifestyle for this. we shared my experience in our campus with them. We really faced trouble when the photo taking section came. As it was raining we were not able to take the photos outside or in front of the school, then we managed to take it within the school building itself.

As every this was done the school authorities gave us official work done certificate. Which I submitted along with the photos and banner, to Andy Lao shi when I was back to our campus. There ends our journey for the vacation social practice 2017.

I think it’s a meaningful and fruitful activity in my hometown, as China and India are both the emerging economies developing very fast. I wish I can exchange the cultures to each other, and build the bridge of the friendship between two countries. I wish China and India can improve the welfare for the people around the world and create a bright future hand in hand.

(James Wang, Medical College)