1st International Depressive Comorbidity Conference and the 10th National Congress of Basic Theory of Integrative Medicine
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1st International Depressive Comorbidity Conference and

the 10th National Congress of Basic Theory of Integrative Medicine


  Depression often implicates in comorbidity with other psychiatry and somatic disorders via brain and periphery interaction. Their knowledges available, however, are largely unclear. Popular antidepressants still cannot meet clinical needs because of their limited efficacies and side effects, calling for focusing on brain-periphery interaction and depression comorbidity. Some holistic pathogenesis and therapeutic highlights occurred, including ghrelin, α2-AR and ceramide. The former two or latter are shared regulatory mediators of brain-gut or vessele respectively. These are similar to TCM “GanZhuShuXie” in theory and practice. Above progresses are mainly exchanged in 1st international depressive comorbidity conference (1st IDCC) and the 10th national congress of basic theory of integrative medicine which will be held in the beautiful coastal city Xiamen on October 24 to 26, 2014, knowing above information from http://www.caim.org.cn, or /s/96/t/350/main.jspy.

  This conference aims to make in-depth discussions on the mechanism and therapy of depressive comorbidities and summarize the latest achievements in basic theory research and clinical application of integrative medicine in recent years. We will exchange views with international peer groups on the basic and clinical research progress, new technology and new experience of depressive comorbidity. In the meantime, the basic theory professional committee of Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine (CAIM) will be reelected.

  The conference is hosted by CAIM and organized by Medical College of Xiamen University. Our topic is “focus on depressive comorbidity”. Some international and national scientists will be present and make exciting reports. Authors who have excellent researches will be invited to exchange information.

  Xiamen is a well-known tourist port city in the Southeast coast of China. It is one of the “Cleanest Cities of China”, the “Garden Cities of China”, the “National Environmental Protection Model Cities”, and the best sightseeing cities in China. Not only being wealthy with travel resources, Xiamen has also temperate weather, fast and convenient transport and communication, and complete travel establishments. Xiamen University is a beautiful campus with old traditional buildings and a tranquil lake. I believe you will have a good time in Xiamen during our congress.

Now the notices are as follows:


Essay content:

1. Basic and clinical research of depression and its comorbidities.

2. Basic and clinical research of brain dysfunction diseases.

3. Basic research and application of TCM “Gan”- related diseases.

4. Basic theory, clinical application, innovative ideas and methods and talent development of integrative medicine.

5. Experiment and clinical application research on basic theory of integrative medicine.


Essay requirements:

1. The manuscripts should be unpublished, and the arguments should be bright with strong scientific and advanced evidence.

2. The manuscript should be 500 words within a structured abstract (aim, methods, results, and conclusion) and keywords.

3. The manuscript should be in word document, a standard A4 page, the title should use song typeface with font being “3”, the author and the affiliations should use a small regular script, font being “4”, indicating the author name, affiliations, address, zip code, email, phone number., abstract and key words should use Song typeface and font being “small 5”. The electronic format should send to tcmhuangx59@163.com, please mark the wording “conference paper” when sending the mail. Paper mailing address see "contact".

4. All contributions and participation from relevant professional experts, scholars and students are welcomed.


Closing date:

      Deadline for September 30, 2014 (based on postmark date or email time).


Participation fee:

      In-service staff: RMB 1000(160) /person;

  Students (undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. or M.D. students): RMB 700 (113) /person.


Contact information

1. Contacts:

Liu Jin, tcmhuangx59@163.com. 0592-2180253. 13123392823

Fu Wanhui, tcmhuangx59@163.com. 0592-2180253. 18205951927,

Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical College of Xiamen University,

2. Mailing Address: Fu Wanhui, Room 418, Chengzhi Building, Medical College of Xiamen University, Xiang’an District of Xiamen, Fujian Province, China 361102.

3. Conference information from:  http://www.caim.org.cn/s/96/t/350/main.jspy.

电话:0592-2183069,0592-2188673 传真:0592-2183069